The Brass Stacker™ RESERVE ROUND™ (Patent Pending) Magazine Base/Floor Plate for Glock™ Pistols allows for one round of additional magazine capacity without changing the dimensional profile of the magazine. It has been developed specifically for Concealed Carry and Law Enforcement use.

• RESERVE ROUND™ magazine base/floor plate is NOT a magazine or grip extension.

• Same size as the Glock™ factory base/floor plate. Does not change the overall look of the weapon.

• Will not increase your weapon’s “printing silhouette” for concealed carry.

The RESERVE ROUND™ base/floor plate kit is supplied with a stronger than factory ISMI™ magazine spring and steel spring pressure plate.

The Brass Stacker™ RESERVE ROUND™ Magazine Base/Floor Plate is light weight, rugged steel construction. CNC machined from Solid Steel with a Black Oxide finish. The stamped Steel Pressure Plate has a Black Oxide finish. Both Made in USA with a 100% Lifetime Warranty.

The ISMI™ Magazine Spring is Chrome Silicon Alloy Steel Music Wire, Heat Treated, Shot Peened and Stress Relieved. It is specifically designed for +1 applications and is Made in USA with a 12 month Replacement Warranty.

RESERVE ROUND™ Magazine Kit:
-(base/floor plate, pressure plate & ISMI™ magazine spring)

now available for Glock™ 9mm, .357 Sig & .40 S&W magazines. $39.95 MSRP

  • LE/MIL RESERVE ROUND™ Magazine Base/Floor Plates are unmarked.&nbsp