FANDOM Defense recently unveiled their new version of the ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) specifically for tactical groups and SWAT use. The ACR-C Personal Defense Weapon is the shortest 5.56mm/.223 caliber weapon system available, measuring only 19.5 inches with the stock folded. A flick of the wrist locks the stock into battery for quick shouldering and accurate and controlled full-auto fire.


Remington has made a lot of changes to the ACR platform, including a lightweight magnesium alloy lower receiver with a more ergonomic shape, a redesigned ambidextrous safety selector, a new folding charging handle, and a Melonite-treated, hammer-forged barrel (no more chrome lining), just to name a few.

We apologize for the wind-noise but had to share some video of this cool gun with you!

[2] had a brief opportunity to test out this new weapon during an event at Gunsite. It proved easy to handle and a pleasure to shoot in semi-auto, and remained very controllable on full-auto. Look for a future feature on this new weapon system soon.